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Basic Declaration

本站的原创性内容部分采用CC——creative commons许可协议进行签名,依照作者意愿或具体文章内容,选用其不同的版本。部分内容或许采用其他的许可协议(待定)。其余原创性内容则默认保留所有版权。

Part of the original contents in this website suit the creative commons license. Different versions of CC were selected for different authors or content. Part of the contents may suit other licenses (not sure). Other original content reserves all copyright by default.



  • 原创性内容:本站中所有无‘转载’标签的内容。这些内容或许是作者纯粹的创作,或许是基于某些无版权限制的公众资源,或许基于有协议,但修改和转发权利被许可的资源。
  • CC 知识共享许可协议:点击相应版本链接可获取全部协议内容。
  • 保留所有版权:不允许传播,修改,建立,转发受保护的内容。个人非公开且非商业性的使用不受任何限制。
  • Original contents:ALL contents without a ‘reprint’ tag. These contents either are purely creative of its authors, or base on some public resources without copyright limitation, or base on the resources with a license which permit the right of modifying and distributing.
  • Creative commons: Click its corresponding link to get all information about this license.
  • ALL rights reserved: Conveying, modifying, building, or reprinting the contents under protect is not allowed. Purely personal and non-commercial usage is free.



ALL copyrights for original content in this website reserved, unless specific license applied in specifc content.