[reprint]Version control for Vivado projects

[reprint]Version control for Vivado projects

Vivado generates a whole bunch of files when you create a project, and it’s not very clear on which are source files and which are generated files. The best approach is to consider them all to be generated files and to put none of them in version control. Instead, create a folder stucture for your sources that makes sense to you and use Tcl scripts to build the project and import the sources.

Vivado was designed to be completely Tcl driven. When you work in the GUI, you’ll probably notice that everything you do launches a Tcl command in the Tcl console at the bottom of the screen. This was a really nice design choice by Xilinx because it allows us to control the tools from scripts, thus allowing automation and proper version control.

Now just because we use scripts for good version control, doesn’t mean we have to give up the GUI. Vivado lets you generate a project from a script, work on it from the GUI and then save the project to a Tcl script form. It sounds simple, and it is, there are just a few things to understand first.

see details in http://www.fpgadeveloper.com/2014/08/version-control-for-vivado-projects.html


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